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Jun 19, For weeks now, we have heard of children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, literally being ripped from their parents’ arms. The Trump administration says in taking children from parents at the border, it is following a law that already existed, but this.
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Dialogue is required promptly to end this devastating sporting war within Cork.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parties need to get away from their squabbling and point scoring on the airways of Marianne Finnucane and Neil Prenderville that's doing nothing to end this divisive issue. For the good of the game in Cork, everybody needs to be pulling in the one direction on a problem that goes beyond the current ongoing row. Cork's record at underage level is pretty poor — just one All Ireland minor hurling title in 10 years and the previous All Ireland U21 championship title won dates back to Realistically, neither nor panels are going to win an All Ireland in this a significant and historic year for the GAA on reaching its th anniversary.

And given the dismal record at minor and u21 grades, the Cork cupboard may be empty for some time. Given the present scenario, Cork's hurling days at Croke Park in September will be few and far between during the next decade.

Everybody on board needs to start fresh. Cork has the proud honour of the presidency of the GAA bestowed on one of its prominent figures this April. President elect Christy Cooney's most immediate task should be as a facilitator to bring the figures involved away from the glare of tv, radio and the print media.

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Cork is a proud sporting county, its talking has been done on the field over the past years. That recipe needs to be returned; otherwise, the Cork bacon is going to be well and truly salted even before the hay is saved. And the likes of Kilkenny, Tipperary and Galway, boosted by a conveyor belt of talent, aren't going to be accommodating.

Away from the deteriorating current impasse, Cork hurling is on the downward slopes and enhancing development squads in proper structures is a must priority if the county is to match the aforementioned sides. In the current crisis, time is a luxury. For those who believe in continuing the rows of recent months, the stakes are high and the consequences detrimental. To achieve peace, there is an obvious solution to the scenario, that's dialogue.

As part of the upcoming meeting between players and club representatives, clubs needs to persuade the players to engage in talks. We'll examine a blog post by Michael Kwiatkowski which ran on firedoglake. The firedoglake provenance would appear to give it some legitimacy, but look closer. The post ran on The Seminal section. That's not the news section, the one that's staffed by journalists.

That's the community site, to which anyone -- even someone with a crackpot theory -- can contribute. The post is headlined "Congress is Moving to Criminalize Home-Grown Food" and begins, "Congress -- at the apparent behest of Monsanto -- is moving to make it a crime to 'grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat' one's own food. This piece of "legislative filth," Kwiatkowski notes, is sponsored by Durbin and his seventeen co-sponsors include "Lamar Alexander, Kirsten Gillibrand Orrin Hatch and the late Ted Kennedy what the hell?

Let it be noted that the original bill was introduced in the Senate in early March , when, we know now, Kennedy still had nearly six months left to live and was, therefore, still able to co-sponsor Senate bills. Maybe the skulduggery lies elsewhere? The text of the bill , in both its original and amended versions, is available online for any citizen to peruse. There's also a summary , in case you don't feel like plowing through the page original. The gist of the bill is to expand the authority of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent events like the current salmonella outbreak and current egg recall.

And if you don't think the panic is real, have you tried to purchase a carton of eggs at a farmer's market in the past week and a half? It's been next to impossible. It would require "each owner, operator or agent in charge of a food facility" -- ranging, presumably, from small organic farms to behemoths like Kraft and Monsanto -- to provide the government with more documentation of potential problems, like, say, salmonella outbreaks, so the government will have an easier time monitoring their distribution and finding out just how far, exactly, the contamination may have spread.

The Homeland Security part comes into play with imported foods, which will be subject to the same increase in documentation as domestic products.

On its face, a reading of the bill appears to give a reasonable concern for food safety. After all, it is important to protect human health from contaminated and other unsafe foodstuffs. But closer reading reveals that the discretion given to inspectors, and the general wording of the bill as a whole, would ensure that the larger producers would never have to face serious inspection -- it's the non-corporate , smaller food growers who stand to be most affected.

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Why's that? Kwiatkowski launches into a long digression about how high-fructose corn syrup is responsible for girls reaching puberty at earlier ages and increased childhood obesity. One of his own commenters, Rayne, points out that Kwiatkowski's information actually comes from the conflation of three studies. One, by the University of California, links increased fructose consumption in children to increased diabetes.

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Two other studies, one by Cincinnati Children's Hospital, the other by Emory University, examined the early onset of puberty. The hospital identified weight gain as a possible trigger.

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Emory blames genetics and birth order. But none of the studies, as Rayne points out, has anything to do with high-fructose corn syrup.

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Kwiatkowski believes that the Senate bill will exempt Monsanto from any regulations and allow it to run roughshod over American food and agriculture and drive small, organic farms out of business. How the bill proposes to do that is unclear. It refers only to government agencies. Monsanto is a corporation, not a government agency. The link between the bill and Monsanto, apparently, is Durbin's alleged servitude to the Missouri-based corporation.

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Green, it turns out, actually works for the radio host Jeff Rense. Rense is best known for being a rabid conspiracy theorist, though he also dabbles in "exclusive" reports of UFOs, pandemics among humans and animals, Holocaust denial and "Obama's stunning march toward martial law. Rense is also a native of St.

Louis and an expert on the life and career of the tenor Mario Lanza. It would remove the right to clean, store and thus own seed in the US, putting control of seeds in the hands of Monsanto and other multinationals, threatening US security. Green's summary literally made Gut Check scratch our head and go back to the original bill for a thorough re-reading and then a feverish search of the official bill summary for mentions of the Department of Defense and of seed cleaning.